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Club Milano – June 19, 2024

Vacations on the water with houseboats

An original way to spend a summer vacation is to book a stay on a houseboat. Houseboats, already a hit in nations such as France and the Netherlands, have finally entered the radar of travelers in Italy as well.

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VareseNews – June 2, 2024

Porto Ceresio Botel wants to grow and is launching crowdfunding to do so

The state-of-the-art facility in Porto Ceresio aims to expand and increase facilities. And anyone can support the project for “vacations with an almost zero carbon footprint”.

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VareseNews – May 8, 2024

Porto Ceresio Botel on display as an example of the “new normal”

The Porto Ceresio facility selected by the Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism for the traveling exhibition “New Normalities” set up now in Schio and then in Rome and Favara.

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Vanity Fair – March 6, 2024

Spring bridges: 21 ideas for beautiful vacations in Italy and Europe

Cycling Liguria and Lazio, the landscapes of Ireland and the wild ones of the Grado Lagoon. The beauty of spring is just a stone’s throw from our cities. Here are our ideas for more or less short and fantastic trips.

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VareseNews – October 14, 2021

Cultural meeting on Porto Ceresio Botel, Arianna Dagnino presents “The Istanbul Quintet”

On Friday, Oct. 15, at 6 p.m., the writer and journalist will dialogue with the editor of Varesenews on issues of transculturalism. The meeting will be held in the floating structure first nucleus of the project.

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