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Construction phases

The yard

Discover all the construction phases , look at our gallery with all the photos


A sustainable holiday with zero impact, on floating off-grid units: Botel 2.0 is a philosophy of life, it is “the approach to territories on tiptoe”.


Botel 2.0 will allow you to enjoy, on the floating pier, the “Food and Wine” Tourism with a network of popular restaurants.


The Botel units are conditioned, heated and equipped with every comfort and are powered by photovoltaic, micro-wind and equipped with a closed-cycle water purification system – they do not produce any emissions into the environment.


You will reach by boat the most fascinating places of the lake, or you can visit the City of Lugano and the beautiful village of Morcote, or, with the reactivation of the old railway line, get to Varese. You can follow The paths that will lead you to Mount St. George (UNESCO heritage).

How do you link your project to the environment?

The design process addressed by Botel is based on the concept of off-grid units with technological devices that make no environmental impact: the simple removal of the artefact from the water, effectively restores the state "doors"; the simplicity of removal and / or...

Who will appreciate your proposal?

Anyone who wants to enjoy a sustainable holiday at 360 °, who will want to get involved and try our proposal of "experiential tourism", aimed at curious, nature lovers, explorers, sportsmen, lovers of trekking and mountain biking. In addition to eco-sustainability...

How do you protect the environment?

In the development of the first idea of Botel, an approach aimed at safeguarding the environment and the landscape was pursued, with the idea of “approaching the territory on tiptoe". The use of natural materials with low visual impact, small dimensions and...

How can you reach your facility?

In order to respect the environment and to reduce emissions into the atmosphere, Botel can be reached using the newly renovated railway line connected to the main Arcisate-Stabio which guarantees interconnections with all of Europe.

Botel project

Botel (boat hotel) of the Lakes, a green holiday in the blue Land of seven lakes.

The development of the project is splitted in two phases.